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AI powered DeFi portfolios to

maximize Alpha beat the market manage assets

SingularityDAO is a DeFi Protocol designed to maximize Alpha generation regardless of market trend.

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The dynBTC DynaSet has outperformed the market by nearly 20%*

* as of February 3rd, 2022
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The AI-powered Dynamic Asset Manager monitors trends and manages assets.


Earn Performance and Management Fees when Alpha is generated above the hurdle rate.


Spend less money on transaction fees thanks to the forge which batches DynaSet user transactions.


DynaSet tokens can be staked or used to provide liquidity to farm SDAO governance tokens.


SingularityDAO aims to be a one-stop-shop for everything in DeFi.


A DynaSet is a dynamically managed set of assets that our advanced AI and professional traders automatically rebalance to out perform the market.


For the highest returns lock your tokens for longer periods of time to receive the best rewards in our bonded staking program. Additionally, we also offer an unbonded staking program if you would like to withdraw at any time.

Yield Farming

After providing liquidity, farm your LP tokens to maximize results with highly competitive APR.


The SingularityDAO Launchpad will host only the best new projects. All SingularityNET Ecosystem projects that launches will be available here alongside other external, interesting projects.

Token Bridge

SingularityDAO is on a mission to become chain agnostic. Users will be able to bridge to any chain that can benefit from SingularityDAO’s Suite of DeFi tools.


Use your SDAO tokens to vote on SingularityDAO Governance Events and shape the future of DeFi. 


The ultimate SingularityDAO DeFi Dashboard is currently under development! Soon you will be able to get advanced insights into your DeFi portfolio. 

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