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AI-DeFi — Smart Liquidity Across the Crypto Universe

SingularityDAO brings DeFi and decentralized AI together in a new framework aimed at radically increasing the liquidity available to crypto assets of all types and sizes — and leveraging this liquidity to create financial value and facilitate growth for utility-token-based technology projects.

SingularityDAO is a democratically governed Decentralized Autonomous Organization stewarding a non-custodial smart contract network.   It aims to foster the growth of the decentralized networks that represent today’s most valuable and promising technological and social innovations, via leveraging AI-DeFi to stimulate the growth of the utility-token ecosystem.

SingularityDAO is an independent project incubated by the SingularityNET Foundation


Watch Dr. Ben Goertzel’s presentation on SingularityDAO at The Decentralized OS event of November 9th, 2020.

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What is SingularityDAO?

SingularityDAO is a unique layer 2 noncustodial DeFi solution, configured as a DAO that is completely decentralized and democratically governed — it allows members to create and trade ETF-like dynamic token-sets that bundle utility tokens, including tokens with only moderate liquidity, and then enables a yield farming and futures-based hedging ecosystem on top of these token-sets.

SingularityDAO is inspired by the belief that decentralized technology, media and social projects are the key to humanity’s future.

The core mission of the SingularityDAO is to stimulate the growth of the decentralized, utility-token based economy – by making it more beneficial and less risky for individuals and institutions to hold collections of utility tokens that individually have only modest liquidity. In so many cases, it is these “smaller” altcoins that are building the technology and networks critical to our future.

To effectively achieve its mission, SingularityDAO is designed to leverage AI at multiple levels, including management of dynamic token-sets; predictive market-making to ease the provision of liquidity for these token-sets on DEXs; and predictive modeling based hedging strategies.

SingularityDAO Features

An AI-Driven DeFI ecosystem for the next stage of the decentralized economy

AI-Curated Altcoin Baskets

Users are guided to purchase baskets of altcoins (DynaSets) dynamically curated by AI robo-advisors.


Simplicity for the User

Users can enter the ecosystem in a simple “one step” way via purchasing a MetaSet that aggregates all the DynaSets in the system weighted by quality – zero expertise required!

Yield Farming on Altcoin Baskets

Staking DynaSet tokens into the liquidity pool allows users to farm SingYield tokens, with their own value gain dynamics.

AI Market Strategies

AI algos running on SingularityNET rebalance DynaSets and trade DynaSets borrowed from the liquidity pool, generating value.

Decentralized Governance

SingularityDAO is a true decentralized autonomous organization governed by its participants.

Liquid Governance Token

SingDAO governance tokens are earned via hodling SingYield tokens, so governance is by those dedicated to the ecosystem.

How it works

An AI-Driven DeFI ecosystem for the next stage of the decentralized economy


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